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Complete Your Smile with Dentures

Teeth can last for a lifetime, but 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, 40 million adults have lost all their teeth. Dentures have been used for generations to restore beautiful, functional smiles. Open Smiles Dental uses the best materials and technologies to create comfortable, durable, and realistic-looking dentures.

Why Choose Open Smiles Dental for Dentures?

  • High-Quality Materials
  • Advanced Technology
  • Natural-Looking Results

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Chipped front tooth

If you’ve lost several or all of your teeth in one or both arches, you might be a candidate for dentures. Your dentist may also recommend them if you have severely damaged teeth. It can be more cost-effective to have them extracted and replaced with a denture than it would be to repair them.

You must have good oral health to benefit from dentures. It’s not uncommon to require a little prep work, like tooth extractions or gum disease therapy. Your dentist will learn more about your health history and examine your mouth to ensure dentures are right for you.

Types of Dentures

You have multiple options to replace your missing teeth. Your dentist will explain your options, like:

Partial Dentures

If you still have a few healthy teeth, a partial denture can meet your needs. It can treat consecutive and nonconsecutive tooth loss. Prosthetic teeth are held in a gum-colored base to fill the gaps. It has a metal framework, allowing it to clip onto your remaining teeth to stay in place.

Full Dentures

Prosthetic teeth are set in a gum-colored acrylic material. A traditional denture rests on top of your gums, relying on suction to stay in place. The base is made from an impression of your mouth, so it will fit like a glove.

Implant Dentures

As an alternative to a standard denture, 4-10 dental implants can anchor your prosthetic to your jawbone. This replaces both the tooth roots and the crowns to create the next best thing to real teeth.

Learn More About Implant Dentures

The Benefits of Dentures

Tooth loss is more than an aesthetic problem. Every tooth is essential for a healthy mouth and body. Dentures restore your oral functions, so you can eat a variety of nutritious foods and speak clearly to improve your wellness and quality of life. Not to mention, you’ll give your confidence a boost because you’ll have a complete, stunning smile.

If you’re ready to replace your lost teeth, or it’s time for a new denture, Open Smiles Dental can help. Request an appointment through our website or call (301) 690-8933.